Market Place

Market Place

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The Player Piano Group is keen to find good homes for instruments, rolls, and items of interest to our members.  Although we cannot advertise every instrument or piano roll we are offered, those with items they wish to dispose of are invited to contact the Group so that we can offer specialist advice on the best way to proceed.

  • Some instruments and certain types of roll can be of considerable historic value, but there are many other makes which are much more common and of significantly less interest. Contact us to make sure you are not about to throw away something precious!
  • If you would like advice, please provide as many of the following details as possible: the MAKE OF THE PIANO and its SERIAL NUMBER, the MAKE OF PLAYER ACTION (if known), the SCALE of the player action (i.e. the type of roll(s) the instrument plays), and CONDITION (playing or not playing, condition of action and casework, details of any previous restoration, etc). Photographs are always helpful in assessing an instrument remotely!
  • It is better to keep instruments, rolls and other associated items such as roll-cabinets and player-piano stools together for sale, rather than sell them off as different lots.
  • If we can accept your advertisement, it will be published on this website*. In addition, items of particular interest can be published in our Bulletin, which is circulated to all members, at the discretion of the Editor.  Please provide good-quality photographs, a short written description, asking price, and contact details.

*There is no charge for entries, but the PPG reserves the right to refuse or edit advertisements if necessary. The PPG cannot be held responsible for their accuracy or the condition of items. The PPG refuses to publish advertisements of instruments for sale unless proof of a successful ivory exemption application is supplied.

A catalogue of Meloto and Regent Dance Rolls

The Player Piano Group is pleased to announce that Julian Dyer’s complete catalogue of Meloto dance rolls has been published. This covers ‘popular’ piano rolls produced in Britain by the Aeolian Company – dance rolls of the 1920s & 30s, show and film tunes, light music and novelty piano of the 1930s – as well […]

The London Duo-Art Pianists

The extraordinary pictures and biographies which form the core of this book are of the pianists known to have recorded in London for the Duo-Art reproducing piano. Additional sections recount the history of the Duo-Art, how it functioned, how rolls were recorded, edited and manufactured, and assess its fidelity. It is not intended solely for […]

PPG Special Commemorative Roll

The PPG is pleased to announce the release of a special 88 note (accented) roll, Chaminade’s Nocturne, Op. 165. First composed in 1924, this piece was presented and dedicated to London Duo-Art recording engineer Reginald Reynolds. Unfortunately it became the reason that the two never spoke again, as Reynolds had not noticed, or acknowledged, the […]